New Cannon Carriage - 2007

We built a new cannon carriage for "Maggie", as the old one was beginning to fall apart. The old carriage was sort of a "Home Depot" version of an English galloper carriage. By this I mean, that the timbers were 2x4s and other stock dimensional lumber, with straight shafts. The new carriage is a more correct French shaft carriage.

Click on a photo to get a larger version.


I have a write-up on the cannon carriage here: carriage.pdf.

New cannon carriage, a work in progress (late July)

Most of the main wood work is done at this point. The carriage still needs to have the quoin finished, the side boxes, and the iron work.

New cannon carriage, a work in progress (early September)

We still need lids for the side boxes, perhaps some more lag bolts, a handle for the quoin, a few bolts swapped out, and some paint. The carriage is usable, though.

New cannon carriage (13 September)

Aside from swapping out a few bolts, the carriage is done.

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