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Programs by David Manthey

Programs, documentation, and animation files.

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These are programs that I have written that I make available to the world. If you have any questions regarding these programs, please email me. Unless otherwise stated, no warranties are given on any of these files. If you find any of the free programs useful, I would appreciate an email telling me so.

All of these programs were written by myself, David Manthey.

Stand-Alone Python 2.7.8
py.exePython 2.7.9 as a single executable with virtually all the standard libraries, plus pywin32-219 and psurl 2.1.3. Compiled with py2exe (see source below) on Windows XP. This should work on Windows XP and later. This works just like a full install of python, except you only need the one file. 9.9 Mb. See here for a zip file, source, and details.
Shareware Programs
SETUPGV.EXEGraphic Viewer for Windows 3.x and Windows95. This is a handy viewer for GIF, TIF, JPEG, BMP, and more. It has slide show, preview, and image categorization features. Fast. 910 kb. Graphic Viewer home page.
CPRIMUS.ZIPCarte Primus Cribbage for the PC platform. 16-bit color, lots of options, plus you can make card backs from many different graphics files. 878 kb. Carte Primus home page.
CARTE.SHKCarte Primus Card Games for the Apple IIgs platform. Cribbage, Gin Rummy, Pinochle, Pitch, and Hearts. Includes a card back editor. This was originally programmed in 1988 and hasn't seen much update since. 139 kb
Orbital Files
SETUPOV.EXEOrbital Viewer for Windows 3.x, Windows95, and WindowsNT. This can display any atomic or molecular orbital. Lots of options, including cutaways, animations, stereo viewing, and vrml output. 590 kb. Orbital Viewer home page.
OV.PDFComplete documentation on the features of Orbital Viewer, including mathematics and file formats. 1820 kb.
EXAMPLES.ZIPAll the .ORB files for the figures in the manual. 74 kb.
ORB386.EXEThe command line version of Orbital Viewer for MS-DOS machines with a 386 processor or better. See OV.PDF for the input file format. 150 kb
ORBWIN.EXEThe command line version of Orbital Viewer for Windows95 machines. See OV.PDF for the input file format. 134 kb
ansiorb_osx.gzThe command line version of Orbital Viewer for Macintosh OS-X machines. I'm not sure what machines it will actually work on. See OV.PDF for the input file format. 50 kb
SETUPCSS.EXEDistributed Cribbage Computation, screen saver and program. This is a program that is helping improve knowledge of how to play the best possible cribbage. 410 kb. Distributed Cribbage home page.
WYLD.ZIPWyld font. This is a version of the 18th century Caslon font, designed to precisely match the font used in The Practical Surveyor. The file contains roman and italic versions, plus a MS-Word macro for adding and removing ligatures.
Free Utilities
DATA2C.EXEBinary file to C source utility. This creates a C source file containing the contents of any binary file as an array of char, short, or longs. 47 kb
HS.EXEHexadecimal search utility. This lets you locate a hexadecimal value or group of hexadecimal values within a set of files. It supports wildcards both in the file names and in the hex search string. 15 kb
LF.EXELinefeed adjustment utility. Convert CR+LF to LF or CR or convert CR or LF to CR+LF. 35 kb
LINES.EXELine counting utility. Curious how long your source code is? This program counts the number of lines in a set of files. 10 kb
MAKEAVI.EXEAssemble a set of graphics files into an uncompressed AVI file. This creates an AVI file from any collection of graphics files that can be read by Graphic Viewer, including animated GIFs. Orbital Viewer can be used to compress the AVI file. 159 kb
MODECHK.EXEGraphics mode diagnostic utility. This tells what standard graphics modes are available for your graphics card. 8 kb
PORT.EXEI/O port diagnostic utility. Reports the status of any I/O port, plus can be used to write any port. Will NOT work with NT. 11 kb
UNTAR.EXETAR file extraction utility. This is basically just a TAR -xvf command. 34 kb
VESACHK.EXEVESA diagnostic utility. This tells what VESA modes are available for your graphics card. 9 kb
VMODE.EXEVideo mode switching utility. This will switch to any VESA or standard video mode which your graphics card supports. 10 kb
Source Code
PCSOUND.ZIPThis is a program which can play most WAV files through the PC speaker. It includes C source, the executable, and some sample files. If you use this source code in a program of yours, you must email me letting me know. 133 kb
MPEG Animations
5D0.MPGAll of these animations are of atomic electron orbitals. These represent a volume of space in which there is a certain probability that an electron will exist. They are computed from Schrodinger's Equation. Please email me for more information about orbitals. You will need an MPEG viewer to look at these. I have many more animations than the ones available here. These range from 500 to 750 kb

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