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Forty-seven is the most commonly occurring two-digit random number. The proof is in the extraordinary number of times the number 47 occurs in factoids. This web site is dedicated to the number 47. The factoids that follow are true -- these are not made up.

You might want to check out the The 47 Society home page. Here you will find out about the origins of the 47 phenomenon, it's relation to Pomona College and why 47 shows up so much in Star Trek (Star Trek 47)

Psi U 47 Factoids...

47 Factoids...

Multiples of 47 Factoids

If you have any good ones, email them to me. Just make sure the factoids are "clever." For example, February 16th is the 47th day of the year, but so what? Silver has the atomic number 47, and titanium is the only element with a naturally occurring isotope of atomic weight 47. But so what? These factoids in themself are "uninteresting." If something "interesting" were to occur on that day, like somebody stole 47 bars of silver on February 16th from somewhere, then you might have something. Do you understand?

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