Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dues?
They are $ 25 per year.
I have not paid dues in several years. How do I catch up?
All we ask is you pay dues for the last three years.
Twenty-five dollars per year seems like alot.
Not really. Tell me you don't waste at least that much per year. Besides, alumni paid dues when you were an undergraduate. So now it's your turn.
May I post-pay my dues?
Yes. (We don't run into this situation often)
To whom do I write the check?
Make the check payable to Psi Upsilon Alumni Association of Troy, Inc. Mail it to PO Box 367, Troy, NY 12180-0367.
Are donations to the Alumni Assocation tax deductable?
According to Forrest, the answer is no.
What does the Alumni Association spend its money on?
Liability insurance, property taxes, sending delegates to annual convention, house maintenance, house improvements, newsletter publishing costs, postal box rental, etc. Most of our costs cannot be directly controlled.
Can I have my donation spent toward something I choose?
Yes, just indicate your preference in the memo section of your check and the Treasurer will put your donation into that account.
What happens if I make a donation and do not specify my wishes?
First, dues you owe for the last three years starting with the earliest year is credited, then the Treasurer uses his/her discretion and puts the money into an account that may need it.
To whom do I send a change of address?
To me. I will take care of the details. Remember to include home/office numbers, email address and web site (if you have one).
Can I get postal addresses of brothers I do not know?
Yes, just email me and I can give it to you. The bylaws prevent posting postal addesses in a public forum.
I am always getting alumni and alumnus confused. What the hell is the difference?
Latin uses different forms of a word to designate gender (male/female) and number (singular/plural).

Therefore, incorrect usages of the word include:

Examples of correct usage include:

The Alumni Association is not doing a good job. What can I do?
Get involved instead of complaining.
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