Fundraising - House Expansion Project

By now, everyone should be awar that we want to expand the chapter house. Currently it sleeps 7 brothers and barely contains the undergraduates when they have house meetings or when we have formal functions. Those of you who have been to Founders' Day or 3 to 3 recently may notice that the house is cramped.

We have extensive plans for the house expansion, criteria in place to determine if we have the wherewithal to proceed, and plenty of enthusiasm. While we have done a yeoman job in raising money toward this goal during the last few years, we still need a bit more. Our orginal goal was to raise $47,000. If we actually reach this goal (we haven't yet), then we will be able to proceed.

We look to be on-track for construction for the Summer of 2002, if only we had a bit more money. Brother Daniels has worked to give people an incentive. His letter to the brothers is replicated below:

PDF version of the letter, complete with order form.

Buy a Brick

Dear Brothers,

I'm happy to report that the house expansion is scheduled for construction this coming Summer, 2002. At this year's 3-3 general meeting of the alumni and undergrads, we agreed on the criteria for going ahead with the expansion. For more information about the expansion, please visit the alumni website at The undergraduate chapter is strong, and they expect to meet their commitments easily. Our alumni commitment is to insure that we can make the required down payment.

Your past donations to the $47K fund have gone to help pay architect's fees; the remainder of this money will become part of the down payment on the expansion. We currently have $34,000 in the $47K fund, which includes your past donations both to $47K and to the old housing fund.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 in this final $47K fund raiser. This money will be used to meet the down payment and closing costs on the addition. This year you are invited to buy a brick! These will be decorative engraved bricks, which we will display on a wall inside the new chapter house (exact location to be determined). The standard bricks are 4" x 8" and have room for three lines of text, 18 characters per line. You can use any combination of UPPERCASE characters, symbols/Greek letters, and spacing that you want. (Your 6-year total $47K fund contributions will be also be recognized on a plaque in the new chapter house.)


Thank you for helping us to realize our goal of expanding and renovating the chapter house.

Yours in the Bonds,

Ernie Daniels EI 391

Thanks to everyone for their efforts so far. We are very close to reaching our goal. If you have questions about this fund raising effort, please email Brother Daniels. If you have questions about the house expansion project, see the house expansion page or the expansion criteria page.

Last updated 10/29/01.