Jim Moves to Maryland

Moving was difficult, but not for the reasons you'd imagine. I had some problems with the people from whom I'm renting. They would not take a check for the security deposit; their objection was not that it was from another state, but that it was not a money order. I only learned this the morning I was going to move in.

They had a message for me to come to the college to handle some clerical details connected with my hiring. I decided to go there to avoid the boiling I noticed in my veins, and which would have erupted if I had to deal with the rental office immediately. When I arrived, tired (I'd driven overnight to avoid traffic and get here in the cool of the morning) and harried (I was unable, for reasons that still elude me, to get the needed cash from an ATM), my now co-workers clustered round like the good people they are.

They suggested other places to live, all of which refused to take a check (mostly because of the short notice) and in the end provided me with a loan of the requisite funds. I arrived in Baltimore at around 10am; I started moving in at around 3:30pm. I was finished before 5pm. So much for the cool of the morning.

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Copyright © 1997 Jim Lynch. Posted with permission.

Converted from e-mail text (with some minor editing) 10/25/97