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Manthey's Degree Confluence Project Notes


The Degree Confluence Project's goal is to visit each integer crossing of latitude and longitude. The visitors to each of these confluences take photographs and write about their journey and the location. By its very nature, this is a worldwide project, involving thousands of people in virtually every country on the globe.

This is a delightful way to combine several of my hobbies. Frequently, the trip to the confluence involves hiking or canoeing (though some are near roads). Once at the confluence, one takes photographs to best show off the area. This can range from simple documentary pictures to scenic vistas. Getting there is most of the excitement, and requires a GPS or clever use of maps.

Confluence Hunting

45°N 70°W

I have visited or attempted to visit the following confluences:

As part of visiting confluences, I have also made up several maps. See, for example, my trip to 41°N 73°W.

Worldwide composite map

Worldwide Composite Map

At the suggestion of my brother Ben (a fellow confluence hunter), I wrote a program to generate a Worldwide Composite Map based on the index photographs of all of the confluences that have been visited or attempted. I now maintain a variety of maps all based on this theme, including maps of each continent and VRML versions of the worldwide maps. These are automatically updated daily.

Confluence Metadata

I have helped prepare certain data about the confluences. Some of these data are visible in the composite maps, while other items are available via a CSV file. Each data item is listed below along with its source and what I know about its accuracy.

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